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Another Choice

My heart aches
From another love lost.
My soul breaks
I made a gamble at another great cost.

Oh it was a love that ended
Before it even began.
Another fleeting memory,
Another lesson learned
That I have yet to understand.

A short-lived story of infinite possibilities 
Of what should have happened,
But have not.

Another almost, 
Another question left unanswered.
A risk never really taken
For fear has become a great a hindrance.

Is almost considered enough?
Is one even entitled to grieve
Over another joke, another bluff?
What do you call a love that didn't last?

Another fling,
Another unexpected infatuation,
Another testing of one's emotions.

I am consumed by this confusion.
My head's under water, and I'm trying to resurface.
How did one let it happen? 
Innocence or foolishness - which really took place?

Love is a game, an exciting mess.
There is beauty in the mysterious
But backfires in a series of menace.

I am lost for words,
For words cannot fully comprehend the entirety
Of what's boiling inside of me.

I am sad, 
I am bruised,
Definitely fragile as of now.
But if there's one thing I ask,
It is to let me be.

"Maybe there are just things 
that aren't meant to be.", you said.
You were right,
And it's wise to accept reality and just move ahead.

Swirling, dazed, and frozen in time.
Endless enigma of prose and poetry I ought to reserve.
Another encounter, 
Another pain to write about.
Let me heal with the reasons I can live without.

A scribble, 
A silent cry.
But at least it's better than to never try.

"Love is a choice."
I keep on repeating to myself.
But let me have this moment to cry for help.

I'm bleeding figuratively
And my pen's ink is overflowing.
I'm letting out the bitterness I have yet to endure.
I'm letting this out so that I can be made pure.

I might have taken the risk.
I might have chosen you.
But you were a little too early,
And I guess I was a little too late.

You bid me farewell when I was about to say hello.
When I was about to stay, you had already let me go.

And now I have no choice 
But to let things be.
"Love is a choice."
And your love was not enough to choose me.


Another random poetry from a person who’s bored in life after almost 2 years of not posting anything on her blog. Well, hello there. I, myself, am surprised that I have written here again. I know this is petty a piece, but maybe I just missed writing online.

I hope you live your life to the fullest. Love lots! ❤

– Dymebelle, The Writer xx

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Struggle: Socializing

I love talking. I just don’t like being forced to talk. I am awkward in socializing and starting a conversation most of the time, but when I click with you and find my inner connection, I could really be into knowing you and get easily comfortable with you that I could talk for hours without being aware of it.

I love candid people, the ones so raw and independent with their thoughts and opinions without trying to prove themselves and without pretensions to get others’ attention and approval; the ones with sincere intentions with no malice put.

I love deep people, those who really have a say in life and passion in everything they do; those who inspire you to become better with their own experiences; those who can lure you just by their charisma.

I love people  who understand, those who don’t mistake my silence as an insult because they get it that there’s just a lot going on inside my head I can’t avoid. Or maybe I just don’t know what to say or how to keep conversations going. Or I’m just probably enjoying my solitude in learning about life with myself.

So if you were one of the victims of my social awkwardness from the past, or you’re someone I’ll get to know in the future, I am giving you my sincere apology for being me.

I am not anti-social, I just think my isolation from people is necessary for being aware of my self-state before being aware with the world I want to impact. I talk less, yes, but I’d rather choose quality than quantity. Besides, I need to give space to everyone – even myself.

Let your words have power against mediocrity.

Let’s not know each other for the sake of knowing each other – but because it just happens. And that we wanted to without even noticing an obvious spark in the flow.

I like depth in conversations… I just don’t like it to be forced.

– Dymebelle, The Writer xx

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Loving Others As You Love Yourself

Matthew 7:12 

“Therefore whatever you want others to do for you, do so for them.”

This is not about doing good things to others and expecting them to return the favor, no. This is about putting their own shoes by understanding their pain. It’s about putting your place to them to understand what’s driving them to feel, say and act that way. It’s about relating yourself to them. It’s about connection and integrity in a relationship.

If they do good things and respect, love and honor you, then it is a reflection because you cared in the first place. They loved you as you first loved them, same with when Jesus first loved us and we loved Him back.

“People don’t care  how much you know until they know how much you care.” – John C. Maxwell.

Don’t try to boss people around. You wouldn’t want that yourself, would you? Be an encourager instead and bring out the best in people by motivating them to strive harder for themselves and not for your own benefit.

Don’t demand any rewards in doing good. Practice integrity, and still choose kindness even when no one is seeing or acknowledging you.

Remember: “God is our reward Himself.”

Nothing or no reward from this earth will matter most than God, the God of love Himself.

-Dymebelle, The Writer xx

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Reminisce (A sonnet)

I write while passing time.

Pen in hand, paper on sight. 

To reflect in life of mine.

Savouring the calmness of night.

How many years had passed?

Lots of people and places I had seen.

Life story full of plots and casts.

So reckless and fragile I had been.

The silence howls in gush of wind.

My thoughts I hear, flashbacks I see.

Memories from the past I can't amend.

But all of it brought out the best in me.

To embrace the rising nostalgia, I will.

Time flies so fast, but now stood still.

Continue reading “Reminisce (A sonnet)”

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Thoughts (8:22 p.m.)

I noticed that some people later become someone or something they hate or don’t wanna be. Maybe because they’re unconsciously letting it consume their attention and time until it gradually consumes their identities.

Talk less about negativity and surround yourself with the things and people who inspire you and motivate you to grow. You become the person you allow yourself to become through your thoughts, choices and response in life. You will eventually become what you think hence reflected in what you do.

Good night. – Dymebelle, The Writer xx

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An Open Letter To Someone I Almost Loved

You said you almost fell in love with me. I wasn’t sure, but I did, too. Yet you chose to love someone else with all that you have and I chose to guard my heart. We were both confused and selfish – avoiding the idea the love could happen to both of us. We already had it. We almost happened. You almost fell for me and I almost gave my feelings a chance. We could’ve happened, but against all odds, hadn’t. Continue reading “An Open Letter To Someone I Almost Loved”

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Worship (A Sonnet)

Strung a song of puzzled notes

Of angels above not seen

Along with thee praises of hope

Engulfed by fire within

Rejoice! For such a time like this

Let's embark in the abundance of life

Amidst all the adversities

In the darkest hours, we search for light

Reject the rhythm of brokenness

And be filled with songs of joy

To sing our lives' testimonies

The goodness of God let's deploy!

By heart through lips we worship as one

To change the world together - we can!

The Lord has been good to me – so good that no words can ever explain what I’m feeling. All glory to God! -Dymebelle, The Writer  xx

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I asked God to teach me compassion, 
so He allowed me to experience pain and sorrow to understand the pain of others.

I asked God for wisdom, 
so He gave me the complicated and hardest problems to overcome.

I asked God about sacrifice, 
so He made me choose choices of gaining and losing and letting some things go.

I asked God to let me know real strength, 
so He made me strong enough to admit I was weak.

Because "God's strength is perfect when I have none."

I asked God how it feels to know real success, 
so He allowed me to fail to be determined to keep on learning and trying.

I asked God about love, 
so He demonstrated it on the cross, 
saving me from my sins through grace.

You see, being a Christian isn't -and never will be- easy, 
butall of these gives me the possibility to change 
and be a blessing to other people's lives; by serving them while serving God.

The enemy might have meant it to break me apart, but God meant it to mold me."

I’d like to share to you my testimony (somehow) when someone asked me about how God changed me and how I’m becoming a better Christian as I continue my walk with God. So, need I say more..? I hope you can relate and liked it. Stay blessed! – Dymebelle, The Writer xx

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You can't get to choose who you'll fall in love with-

or when, where or how.

You can't get to choose who'll fall in love with you.

You only get to choose whether to make that love work and stay,

or let it go and leave without giving it even the slightest chance to happen.

You only get to choose whether to follow your brain or your heart.


Okay, this post is so lame and random.

I can’t sleep.. I’m having nightmares again.

– Dymebelle, The Writer x